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Author Topic: LifesolutionsPlus.com RSS Feeds  (Read 9496 times)


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LifesolutionsPlus.com RSS Feeds
« on: February 28, 2010, 06:03:04 AM »

I've been adding new RSS feed generators to the http://lifesolutionsplus.com website.  The content covered includes products, product reviews, articles and article topics (think "categories") at the moment.

Why is this important?  Because RSS Feeds allow users to retrieve data on a subscription basis using tools under their own control - RSS Readers.  The readers configuration can be used to apply custom style sheets, allowing not only readability tailored to the users own needs, but the ability to change the layout to suit their own taste.

Further, RSS Readers allow users to get up to date information about new products, articles and reviews submitted by other users in an easy to use fashion - with new RSS feed items retrieved and organized by the reader on demand, or on a schedule of the users choice.  Talk about independence!

Information on styling RSS Feeds can be found at:

http://userstyles.org/  where a number of users share their own stylesheets.

The Firefox "Stylish" addon extends Firefoxes capabilities adn makes it easier to manage user stylesheets.

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