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Good Food, Good Health - Not always easy


Most of us are aware that eating well enhances health and take our ability to meet our nutritional needs for granted.

Only when we realize how difficult it can become to prepare healthy meals when the ability to grasp is impaired in some way do we start looking for solutions.  This can be hard.   This board is dedicated to discussing the difficulties and the tools that can be used to overcome them...


This was another HUGE problem when I worked in the field.  Most of my clients would just give up and eat complete junk food.  I tried a lot of different fixes--fresh fruit, pre-prepared meals, vitamins, and dietary supplements.  Exercise was usually my most successful tool.  I couldn't help them from with eating choices when I wasn't there, but I could encourage them to exercise with me when I was. 

As I say, I tried a lot of fixes with this problem.  I had some success with fresh fruit, pre-prepared meals, colloids, and vitamins.  Exercise can work as well, if you find the right kind of approach, or the right kind of client.  I loved exercising, but some of my clients saw it as just another sort of job, just like the facebook statuses...


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